Why Use The ESTC?

The Emergency Services Training Centre (ESTC) has a proven ability to create and deliver unique, accredited courses which are in high demand. An example comes following the Sunrise Propane incident in Toronto (2008), where the demand for propane emergency preparedness training has increased dramatically. This demand will be further sustained by the new Propane Regulations which, effective 2011, require that local fire services must annually inspect and approve all propane transfer facilities in Ontario. No other facility in Canada offers the scope of props and training opportunities. None has a propane emergencies facility comparable. Municipal volunteer fire departments are finding themselves hard pressed to find facilities that can provide training spots without substantial wait lists. There is a demand by these organizations for regional, accredited training for their employees, stakeholders and volunteers without the need to travel substantial distances. While over two-thirds of Ontario’s firefighters are volunteers, urban fire training centres are not equipped to address the unique training requirements for effective management of rural response situations. The ESTC operates on a “Cost Recovery” basis and unlike for-profit centres, the ESTC eliminates the greatest barriers to its customers: availability and cost. We are located in rural Ontario, centrally located to a large customer base needing training tailored to their needs. Whether your organization is a municipal fire service, an industrial fire brigade or emergency response team, or part of an operation that requires specialized fire and emergency training resources; we have what you need.

The facility was made possible through the efforts of the 22 members of the former Blyth and District Fire Department, and very generous community support.

The ESTC is located at 40193 Blyth Road at the south end of Blyth. It offers training areas for:

• auto extrication rescue
• confined space rescue
• electrical emergencies
• farm machinery rescue
• fire suppression and fire rescue
• hazardous materials
• propane emergencies