The Burn Building

The Burn Building allows firefighters to hone their interior firefighting and search and rescue skills. The 1,800 square foot building has reconfigurable walls to change the room sizes and locations within the structure. The water-filled burn pans use propane vapor to provide realistic and repeatable fires. The location of the “fires” can be moved to different locations throughout the building. Smoke is generated using a pre-piped system that pumps theatrical smoke in a controlled manner to provide a variety of smoke intensity for scenario training.

The burn building has two stories with both interior and exterior stairs. The fire and smoke system was designed by Pro-Safe and is fully computer controlled with “deadman” and pendent switches to ensure safety coordination between the control room and the interior instructors. In addition the building has emergency shutdown switches located strategically in the building. If the instructors or students on the inside find a safety concern, a push of the button opens the vents and powers a series of fans that evacuates all smoke and heat within seconds. Temperature sensors at floor and ceiling levels are also preset to engage the vents and fans if conditions hit certain temperature levels.