Propane Emergencies Pad

Our propane pad has eight props to provide live-fire training in dealing with propane leaks and fires.

The live fire props include:

  • Forklift with a leak / fire at the tank attachments
  • 420 lb propane cylinder leak / fire
  • Propane meter leak / fire
  • Cylinder cage leak / fire
  • Liquid and vapor burn pipe
  • 100 lb cylinder leak / fire with both liquid and vapor
  • 500 USWG dispenser leak / fire
  • 10,500 USWG propane tractor-trailer tanker on its side (the only prop of its type in Canada!)This can also produce a TC331 Transport simulated large scale liquid leak

Static Props:

  • 33,364 USWG rail car
  • 1,000 USWG near BLEVE tank
  • 20, 33 and 100 lb BLEVE cylinder